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WaveGard is a cybersecurity firm that specializes in providing high-level security consulting and technology systems engineering. WaveGard helps protect and control the movement and storage of sensitive information for both commercial and government clients. I designed a logo and collaborated with the company owners to write a meaningful business slogan.

WaveGard's original slogan "Protecting your data so you can grow" lacked the succinct, impactful meaning the company needed. It was straightforward, but ultimately not memorable. We initially focused on incorporating the company name with "Protecting you from the next wave of threats". While clever, it again lacked the pithy impact we were going for. At one point, we landed on "Protecting Data. Expanding Opportunities.", but we thought we could push it even more.

Ultimately, we decided on "Your data is your business", with the double meaning of "business" in the literal sense, but also in the sense of "privacy". Including the word "your" also made it more personal and let the customer know we were speaking directly to them.

Draw, draw, draw draw draw!

The visual design of the logo demanded a strong, modern, and secure presence. I opted for a wordmark accompanied by a symbol to be used both in conjunction with the wordmark and on its own.

Previous iterations of the logo paired with possible slogan options.

I explored several visual solutions ranging from literal to esoteric. The client's customer base consisted of modern, higher-end organizations who needed a greater sense of security than your average company. I chose an all-caps, sans-serif typeface with a powerful presence to provide a strong yet sophisticated feel.

In the end, we decided on a logomark that represented multiple levels of security and also mimicked the letter "W" in its form.

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